• JEF Policy is made by its members through resolutions passed by their elected representatives. They formulate key convictions and messages that provide inspiration to move away from the current political constellation in Europe and progress towards a true Federation.

TF Political Ambassadors

Task Force: Political Ambassadors

EB contact :

Leonie Martin - leonie.martin@jef.eu

The Political Ambassadors Taskforce (PAT) aims to recruit and train enthusiastic JEF members in order for them to represent JEF Europe and its policies externally in specific platforms, additionally to the networks the Executive Board (EB) already covers. The political ambassadors hence will help the EB  to raise external visibility of our organisation and of the ideas we stand for.

Based on the political platform and resolutions adopted by the Federal Committee, the political ambassadors will further specialize themselves to a certain topic and will become active members of the allocated platform. They will gain experience in public speaking, drafting policy proposals and in networking. The recruited political ambassadors will be selected by the EB based on motivation, interest and experience.

The PAT facilitates the selection, organises the ambassadors and will be a platform for exchange of best practices. Participation in PAT shall therefore be limited to those who have been selected as political ambassadors.

Outcomes and deliverables:

  • Selecting pilot group of 5 political ambassadors

  • Introduction of 5 political ambassadors to the applicable parts of political mandate and applicable procedures (form pre-conference and post-conference report)

  • Political Ambassadors as multipliers of JEF Europe's external visibility: Introduction of 5 political ambassadors to the specific platforms before summer

  • Political Ambassadors as multipliers for their respective local/regional/national section: Raised internal awareness Europe-wide of JEF Europe's policies (per attended conference: one report by the ambassador, to be published in the newsletter, our website or on TNF)

  • Political Ambassadors retrieving information: an even more detailed and continuously updated overview of platforms JEF Europe is active in, and overview of its members and their opinions that are active in said platforms, thereby creating potential for new partners, projects and alliances.

TF steps and timeline:


Timeline proposed


Prioritizing 5 -6 platforms/networks

2 weeks

End of December

European-wide call for applications

4 weeks

2nd week of January 2017 – mid February

Creating outline procedure for political ambassadors

4 weeks

2nd week of January – mid February

Selection of political ambassadors

2 weeks

EB meeting February 2017

Allocation and introduction to specific platforms and relevant parts of political mandate

4 weeks

March 2017

Accompanying political ambassadors

(not really a deadline)

Work Organisation:  

  • Political Ambassadors will upload their reports to the JEF Europe google drive and use the external representation calendar.

  • Participation to PAT will be limited to those who have been selected as political ambassadors.

  • Regular skype meetings every 2 months in order for the political ambassadors to exchange experiences and best-practices.

  • Individual skype meetings to prepare political ambassadors for their specific conference/network (depends on how often the specific platform meets or seeks for input).

Resources and Requirements:

  • Chaired by Marta Junqué the Structured Dialogue Ambassador, and Leonie Martin, VP + pilot group of 5 dedicated ambassadors

  • Ambassadors should become familiar with the policy and the adopted JEF positions for the specific field they have been selected for. Pre-knowledge and/or experience on the topic is a welcome plus.

  • Time and willingness to travel Europe-wide for 2-3 weekends a year, depending on the platform.

  • Ability to speak well and behave appropriately in public; ability to listen to other people and an understanding of how to make good connections

Competence Development:  

  • expertise in a specific policy field

  • (potentially) strengthened language competences

  • strengthened public speaking skills

  • networking skills and a wide(r) European network

  • understanding of JEF Europe and its policy ideas as well as of other civil society actors

  • drafting skills

  • consensus-building skills

  • intercultural competences