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Finances & Funding (FinFun)

Task Force: Finances & Funding (FinFun)

EB contact :

Simon Devos - simon.devos@jef.eu

The main aim of the Task Force on Finances and Funding is to develop a long-term strategy for ensuring the financial sustainability of JEF. This includes exploring new avenues of funding (e.g. fund-raising and sponsorships) and developing new ways how the current resources could be stabilised, increased or their use made more efficient.

Outcomes and deliverables:

  • Development and implementation of a Fundraising Strategy for JEF-Europe

  • Update of the Financial Guidelines of JEF-Europe

TF steps and timeline:


Timeline proposed


Development of a Fundraising Strategy for JEF-Europe

3 months

FC meeting in Rome
March 2017

Preparation of materials needed to implement the fundraising strategy

6 months

European Congress in Malta
November 2017

Update of the Financial Guidelines of JEF-Europe

3 months

FC meeting in Rome

March 2017

Work Organisation:  

TF FinFun will meet on a monthly basis via Skype and will use Google drive to work on and exchange documents.

Resources and Requirements:

The Task Force will need approximately 5 volunteers with some basic background in budgeting and/or funding, preferably for NGOs. Treasurers of local and national JEF sections are invited to share their practices with the TF.

Competence Development:  

Members of the Task Force will get a better understanding of different funding schemes and will increase their knowledge on fundraising strategies and financial planning. Next to this, they will have the chance to improve their language skills through the use of jargon related to finances.


The taskforce is developing a merchandising project for JEF Europe and works on the general fundraising strategy of JEF.