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TF Civic Education

                                                                Task Force: Civic education

                                                Chairs: Hannah Cornelsen (Federal Committee member)
                                                Co-Chair: Laurin Berresheim

                                                EB contact : Simon Devos (Executive Board member)

The Task Force on Civic Education supports JEF activities that help young people, especially but not only in schools, to get informed about Europe and engage with it. The idea is to build a TF which will be a platform for sharing experiences and create tools that can be helpful for sections interested in having activities targeting children/teenagers.

Overall goal of the TF:
To give the civic education activities in JEF a continuous and sustainable framework and build long lasting structures.

Outcomes and deliverables:
Build an engaged team and delegate tasks
Support the secretariat of JEF Europe in promoting the planned seminars in the framework of the ERASMUS+ funding and the DIVE project
Building a structured space for exchanging new ideas and best practices, organised in topics (for example on the forum)
Creating guidelines on how to approach and develop relations with the relevant structures (schools, leisure centers, sport organisations, etc.)
Exchanging/creating/translating pedagogical tools to use during the interventions
Supporting the development of civic education activities in JEF sections
Develop a JEF vision on European Civic Education
Include civic education activities in the JEF Europe strategy for the 2019 European elections

Step Timeline proposedDeadline
Make a contact list & send a first email to all members in JEF who have been involved in Europe at school, trainings or part of the task forces   1 monthBeginning of January 2018
First Skype meeting & tasks division1,5 monthEnd of January 2018
FC Skopje 2018End of March 2018

Work Organisation:
TF Civic Education communicates via a Facebook group, meets via Skype, uses Google drive to work on and exchanges documents via email.

TF Civic Education includes members from JEF sections who have experience with existing civic education programmes as well as members of sections interested in developing new programmes. Anyone motivated to support our work is invited to contact us.

Competence Development:
Members of the TF Civic Education will acquire skills in project management, multicultural dialogue (by finding solutions implementable in countries with different educational systems), public relations/representation (contact with schools and educational structures) and increase their creativity (by finding new tools and ways to talk about Europe).