• JEF Policy is made by its members through resolutions passed by their elected representatives. They formulate key convictions and messages that provide inspiration to move away from the current political constellation in Europe and progress towards a true Federation.

TF Campaign Design

Task Force: Campaign Design

EB contact :

Miriam Postiglione – miriam.postiglione@jef.eu


Task force Campaign Design is the new task force committed to the elaboration of JEF Europe strategic actions. The task force shall translate JEF’s political aim into a more impactful message and corresponding and suitable actions. With this task force, we aim to increase our visibility and widen our outreach and to provide the European, national and local levels with the tools that suit them best (e.g. demonstration, social media action, appeal to politicians).  

Outcomes and deliverables:


Each action shall have specific outcomes following the steps hereunder

  • Elaboration of an action framework, slogan and motto;

  • Identify the target groups of the action and adapt the implementation of the action to each of the target groups (e.i. EU institutions, member states, civil society);

  • Provide each JEF Europe level (European, national, local) with the best tools to reach out to the identified target groups (e.i. European social media actions combined with a letter to the national politicians and institutions from each JEF national sections and with a flash mob at the local level where it is easier to reach the individual citizen);

Deliverables: In addition to each specific action, the Task Force should create a booklet through the collection of best practices that could be useful to every JEF section.

TF steps and timeline:


Timeline proposed


Development of a message and an action plan for the OurEurope Under Pressure event

3 weeks

Before Christmas holidays.

Introduction of the action plan to JEF national sections

3 weeks

Before Christmas holidays.

Elaboration of action’s tools according to the different levels of implementation

1 month

1st week of January

Communication and constant contacts with JEF national sections during and after the action

3 months

End of February

Follow up the strategic plan of the EB in order to function as a pull of support and suggestion for the future actions

4 months

Spring FC in Rome

Work Organisation:


TF Campaign Design will meet monthly via Skype and we will work through Google drive to work on and exchange documents.

Resources and Requirements:


The Task Force will need approximately 5-6 volunteers, preferably involved in different levels of JEF and with some experience in the organization of events, thus contributing with their expertise and creativeness.

Competence Development:


Members of the Task Force will acquire a deep knowledge of JEF Europe structures and needs, learning how to adapt the political message to each actor that JEF communicates with.