Internal Resolution: Adjustment of JEF Europe President role to a full-time position

Paris, October 27th, 2019

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Resolution adopted by JEF Congress

JEF Europe,

  • Noting the reasoned recommendation for continuation of the full-time position for the President issued by the Executive Board as well as the interim reports during the one-year pilot phase;
  • Considering that the transition to a full-time role for the President has proven beneficial for the organisation as a whole and has helped the Executive Board to deliver on its objectives;
  • Considering that the full-time role of the President has addressed the need for an adjustment in the governance of JEF Europe following the substantial growth in activities and budget;
  • Mindful of the fact that the organisational governance requirements as well as financial resources might change in a relatively short period of time as a result of the funding models for European youth organisations;


JEF Europe,

  1. Decides that the role of the President of JEF Europe should be a full-time position according to the requirements of Belgian law for the upcoming mandate of 2019-2021, provided the available financial resources allow for it;
  2. Requires the Executive Board to reflect on the status of the operative benefits  of the full-time position in regular intervals, identify and monitor benefits and potential risks and report to the FC at every statutory meeting;
  3. Tasks the Executive Board to submit to the Spring FC 2021 a reasoned recommendation on the continuation of the full-time position beyond the mandate of 2019-2021 and to submit an internal resolution on that matter to the 2021 Congress;
  4. Recommends that the job description of the Secretary-General does not change as a result of the adjustment of the President role to a full-time position;
  5. Decides that the compensation and benefits package for the President shall be equal to the one of the Secretary-General and be paid out of the operational budget of JEF Europe;
  6. Recommends that the full-time President, on top of leading the Executive Board on the implementation of JEF-Europe’s strategies and activities, uses the additional time resources in particular to pursue the objectives of improving the flow of information between Executive Board and secretariat, strengthening the exchange between JEF Europe and sections and JEF Europe’s political advocacy and representation work while operational matters remain in the hands of the Secretary General;