• Thousands of young people across the continent share a common goal: the creation of a closer and more democratic Europe. Becoming a member of your own local, regional or national section automatically gives you the right to benefit from the activities organised by JEF-Europe.

Sharing of Experiences

What the platform is about

The concept of the platform is to build an interactive forum for JEF members to contribute and benefit from each other’s experiences. The aim is that JEFers use the structure that has been put together and send out materials to sharing(a)jef.eu in order to share their tips and experience on concrete topics. Once proof-read and put in form, the materials are then uploaded on the platform and made available for all JEFers to use!

Creating a new section

Contributions shall deal with: building JEF from the scratch – tips and ideas.

Internal communication

Contributions shall deal with: how to make sure internal communication within your team and towards your members run smoothly – tools and content.

External communication

Contributions shall deal with: how to introduce JEF to external partners; how to advertise an event; how to run a website; choose and run efficiently social networks.

Making things happen (articles, events, seminars...)

Contributions shall deal with: finding ideas and making them work!

Implementing pedagogical programmes

Contributions shall deal with: the Europe at school toolkit; other tools and materials aimed at implementing pedagogical programmes.

Twinnings and European network

Contributions shall deal with: how to take the most out of JEF. Twinning; pan-European events; international seminars.

Building partnerships for your section

Contributions shall deal with: how to reach out to your partners in order to mutually benefit from your interaction.

Finances and fundraising

Contributions shall deal with: how to apply for and manage public grants or private partnerships.