• Thousands of young people across the continent share a common goal: the creation of a closer and more democratic Europe. Becoming a member of your own local, regional or national section automatically gives you the right to benefit from the activities organised by JEF-Europe.

JEF Slovakia


JEF-Slovakia (Mladi Priatelia Europy) is to unify young people with interest inEuropean and international affaires. We are aiming to create a platform for education and personal development of young people in this field. Our goal is to build a strong network of professional relations throughout Europe for our members and supporters. Nowadays JEF Slovakia has more than 60 members and has spread its activities on local level through its local sections (JEF Bratislava, JEF Trenčín, JEF Nitra, JEF Banská Bystrica, JEF Prešov) which are being coordinated by Board Members as well as by the Organisational Structure. The JEF Slovakia membership is opened to young people from 16 to 35 years. The current President of JEF Slovakia is Norbert Kucharík. The core activities of our organisation include conferences on national and international level where dealing with inter-cultural, political or economic issues (e.g. „The Future of the Eurozone“ at The University of Economics in Bratislava, April 2011) as well as various seminars, workshops and discussions (e.g. on Lisbon Treaty, Slovakia in the EU – anniversary, Croatia – a new member to the EU, the future of Erasmus, the Banking Union etc.), sport events (annual Christmas tournament in cooperation with ther youth organisations), quizes at schools and various cultural events throughou regions). JEF Slovakia has also joined various international campaigns such as Belarus Action (fight for democracy in Belarus) or Visa Action (visa policy).

Norbert Kucharík, President
Martin Kališík, Vice-President for Marketing
Veronika Sučanská, Vice-President for Seminars and Grants
Dominika Dudášová, Secretary General
Jana Nguyenová, International Officer





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Sep 26 2016 / News Activities Members News Slovakia

The Bratislava Declaration, written by the heads of States and Governments of 27 EU Member States, aims to “diagnose […] the present state of the European Union and discuss our common future”....