Call: Hosting section for Spring Federal Committee 2018

As already 5 months have passed since our last Federal Committee Meeting and since JEF Europe works with a 1 year application basis, we are therefore launching the call for bids to host the Spring Federal Committee 2018. Please disseminate it with your sections. Please see below, what is needed to host the most important statutory event. 


  • Team of Volunteers - depending on capacities and know-how (10-20 people)
  • Insight on Organisational Capacities of your section (major events organised in the past)
  • Finding HOTELS and VENUES (preferably Congress Centers that offer both in order to avoid buffer times)
  • Proposing Catering (Meals - Lunch, Dinners, Restaurants) and Coffee Breaks
  • Proposing a draft budget (2-3 Night Accommodation, Venue rental, Equipment, Meals - on the income side: 50 EUR Delegate fee, 80 EUR Observer fee - please count 32 national delegates, 15 FC members, + Observers, so for roughly 80 people minimum, and if possible 100)
  • List of Transport Options (to the hosting city, from the airport to the hotel, venue etc. with different means of transportation) 
  • Timeline of work (Secretariat will assist you on that)
  • Look for Fundraising opportunities/Sponsorship/Co-Funding/Donations
  • Coordination to be assured by Local Head of Team on the ground (from your section) and the Secretary General 

Final Deadline for submitting applications: March 10th 2017

Please note that the Federal Committee applications require careful examination by the Secretariat and the Executive Board. We therefore strongly encourage you to submit your applications on time. The provisional deadline is set before the 3rd Executive Board meeting of JEF Europe.


The Federal Committee in Rome will decide upon the bid and the section that will have the chance to host our most important event. 

Please send the bids before the deadline to and

Feel free to contact us, should you have any questions!