[Call for participants] JEF Europe Federal Committee Spring Meeting 2020 | April 4th - 5th | Online 

Due to the prevailing COVID-19 measures, instead of organising our Federal Committee Spring Meeting 2020 in Hamburg on April 3rd to 5th, as initially planned, JEF Europe will organise the FC Spring 2020 Meeting online on April 4th to 5th. The meeting will be organised through the Click Meeting platform.


Due to changing the event to online format, JEF Europe is also redoing the registration for the FC meeting. All JEF members are eligible to apply to attend the event but the number of attendees will be limited to around 100 people. 




You can register for FC Online by using the following link. Behind the link you can also find the draft agenda of the event.


Please note that you will not be automatically registered for FC Online if you applied for FC Hamburg, which is why we encourage you to register again. 




The deadline for registrations is March 29th, 2020. We will be in touch with all applicants and send the meeting link to selected ones.


Participation fee:


Unlike at our standard FC meetings, participating in FC Online will be free of charge


If you already paid your participation fee for FC Hamburg, we are going to reimburse you in the coming 20 days. However, if you wish to donate the participation fee to JEF Europe, please send an email to sg@jef.eu and/or treasurer@jef.eu


Moreover, regarding travel reimbursements for those who initially registered for FC Hamburg, the dates of the Federal Committee Autumn 2020 Meeting will be decided on soon. The mentioned FC will be organised in Hamburg, so those who cannot get their tickets refunded by travel companies can reschedule their travel arrangements to the new date. 




If you have any questions regarding the event, please send an email to info@jef.eu.