• JEF is a supranational, politically pluralist youth NGO with about 30,000 members in over 30 countries. The goal of JEF is the creation of a democratic European federation as a guarantee for peace and more free, just and democratic society.

Who is JEF?

JEF is its members: The European Congress

The Congress is the supreme body of JEF and represents all JEF members. You could consider the Congress as the representation of the citizens of JEF. It meets every two years. It is composed of delegates elected by JEF national sections. The congress elects most mandate holders of JEF (the President, the two Vice-Presidents, the Treasurer, the members of the Executive Board, the directly elected members of the Federal Committee, the Arbitration Board and the Auditors Committee). The Congress also defines the political direction of JEF and its policies by discussing and formulating the Political Platform.

JEF is its European activists: the Federal Committee

The Executive Board implements the decisions taken by the Federal Committee (FC), which controls the Executive Board. You could consider the Federal Committee as JEF’s parliament. The Federal Committee physically meets twice a year and formulates JEF’s political and organizational policies. The Federal Committee is composed of 16 members directly elected by the Congress and one representative for each national section of JEF. All of these people participate in one or more Political Commissions (PC) or Task Forces (TF).

JEF is its day-to-day leadership: the Executive Board

JEF is guided on a daily basis by the Executive Board (EB). You could consider the Executive Board as JEF’s government. The Executive Board is responsible for the management, coordination and daily dynamic of the organization. It is composed of the President, the two Vice-Presidents, Treasurer, four members elected by the European Congress and the Secretary-General.

JEF is its organisational backbone: The European Secretariat

You could consider the secretariat as JEF’s public administration. The Secretary-General is in charge of the European Secretariat of the association. S/he is responsible for relations with the sections of JEF Europe and the coordination of their activities. S/he is appointed by the Executive Board and ratified by the Federal Committee for a term of two years.

The Arbitration Board

The Arbitration Board has five members elected by the Congress. They elect a chairperson from among their members. Its function is to settle statutory conflicts between members, JEF sections and statutory bodies of JEF. As such, you could consider them as JEF’s constitutional court.

The Auditors Committee

 The Auditors Committee is composed of at least two members and a maximum of three, elected by the Congress. It verifies at least one time a year the accounts of the association. It is accountable to the Federal Committee, to which it has to report at least once a year. As such, they are comparable to JEF's Court of Auditors.

Activity Report

40 years of JEF